Wednesday, November 18, 2009


21-15-9 reps of:
Clean 135 pounds
Ring dips

Post time to comments.

Compare to 091012.

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  1. I have so many questions about this photo.

    • believe it or not, that’s actually one person.

      • ha!

  2. Oh Elizabeth, we meet again…can’t say that I enjoy seeing you but I’ll bring my shoes and we shall dance.

    • good thing you’re nice enough to want to dance…I’d be more likely to push her off the balcony…

  3. At least there are no pullups??!! : D

  4. Facing my demons in the morning. This is the one I DNF last month and it’s got me spooked. Need to get a good night’s sleep and a positive attitude.

    • Hope it’s going well, Mike. Sorry to miss. I’ve got a dead car battery this morning.

    • 14:31 with cleans @ 95 lbs.

      +7 lbs. on cleans, but 65 seconds slower than the last time I completed Liz.
      (horsepower is the same according to the calculator — not sure whether is qualifies as a PR)

      Thanks to everyone for the encouragement!

  5. Rx’d 15:19 PR by 4:11. This was my 2nd time doing Elizabeth and it was horrible morning at the gym even though I PR’d. I fell with the weight 3 x (2 x back and 1 x forward). I can clean the weight easily; however, I have a hard time resting the weight on my fingers. I basically hold the weight with my hands while squating. Thus, while trying to fully sit back and rest on my heels, I fell! lol Having said all that, I probably need to practice front squats with a lighter weight and rest the bar on my finger tips!! Damon says that I am going to have to force it. I have been complaining about not having this technique since I started last February. NO more excuses, I need to fix it!

    • You did great- a big PR. Yes, squats are difficult, but you’ll get the technique down.

      • Great work this morning. You’re really showing that determination.

      • Yeah, just doing Rx on this is very impressive!

  6. As Pat said yesterday, some days the goal is just to do it. I felt crummy but did it. I could feel that the squats were a little easier than last month. I was 15 sec faster but goofed and used slightly more assistance on the ring dip band.

    14:16 44lb, blue band on dips

  7. Is this a picture of a new WOD???

    • Submit opponent for time?

  8. I’ll be in this evening. But my problematic left knee is unhappy again, so I think I will have to do power cleans instead of full squat cleans.

    • Sorry to hear it Pat! Stupid knee. 😦

  9. Well, the trend continues as I get gradually slower. Today’s time was 8:47 (as RX) 10 seconds slower than September 3. I have to say that with the life changes I’ve made recently, I’m not going to beat myself up about my slower times. At least I’m in the ballpark.

    One thing I thought about today was commit to the weight (of course AFTER I left the gym). Kristy inspired me as she really showed that determination during the wod. I am going to keep that my focus, keep form my focus (which I did today), and really move steady with proper form and determination.

    • I’m glad to hear you say this and acknowledge the impact of the recent big changes in your life.

    • Zeke, anyone who can go from having no kids to 3 kids and maintain a level of fitness anywhere close to yours, is a superhero in my book.

    • Zeke – do you remember how I’ve been the past few weeks myself? I had a long string of good performances and solid PR’s, followed by two weeks of absolute crap. My lifts went way down, my workouts went to $hit. Now, things are picking up for me again. This also happened to me back in the spring. I think that the body needs to recover every once in a while, so it shuts down for a bit so you can come back even stronger! Just be patient :mrgreen:

    • I heartily second Erica’s comment. When my kids were little my fitness greatly suffered but its a price worth paying for them (at least until they get a bit older 🙂

      • Thanks everyone! It makes sense. I’m determined to keep fitness a high priority. I just have to be patient and continue to listen to my body.

    • I agree with what they all said, but let me say maybe I will use this opportunity to catch up with you. Ha!:)

  10. I needed a break from early morning torture. I am going to try to make it after work, though I’m not sure if I’ll get out in time. If not, I’ll make it up tomorrow morning. Pat, what time are you going?

    • I’d like to go at 4pm if work permits.

      • I probably can’t get there til 6. Take care of that knee!!

  11. That hurt.

    Quads were S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G with each squat clean; doing ‘Liz after Fran and Angie is just mean.

    When I hit the round of 15, I had to break up the cleans and dips way more than usual, so I gave up any notion of PR’ing and simply tried to keep moving.

    Starting my round of 9, I checked the clock and was surprised at the time, so I hustled as much as I could at that point.

    As Rx’d
    95# full squat cleans
    7:17 PR (17 seconds faster than last month)

    • niiiiice!

    • Amazing performance!

  12. 65 lb squat cleans
    tiny band on rings

    12:36 PR by almost 4.5 minutes!
    I have a really hard time with the weight but this time I just gutted it out…mostly doing just one at a time but not resting long between reps and it worked pretty well for me…I only dropped the bar once.
    And Damon says I can’t use a band on the dips any more : )

    I think they are picking on quads now…I’m already sore.

    • Whoo hoo!

  13. 95# power cleans
    blue band
    (previously 13:38 with 77# and full squat cleans)

    First time doing the Rx weight, but I opted for power cleans because of my knee (except for 8 squat cleans on the first round). I sort of regret not doing all squat cleans now that it’s over, but then again I didn’t want to make the knee worse and end up having to do all knee-less workouts for a month.

    • Nice work! Glad you don’t have to go knee-less in your workouts. 🙂

  14. I knew you could do those cleans RX Pat!

    26:00 95#, red banded dips

    Next time I want to just do the power cleans.

    • Yeah, it goes a lot faster if you don’t squat! 😉

  15. I finally made it in to do Elizabeth. Was the last one in the gym, so I did it by myself. I really don’t like that WOD at all. But I am pleased with my progress!

    As Rx’d
    95# full squat cleans
    11:56 (PR by 3:16)

    • Oh my. I’ve been watching the blog to see your time. So proud of you!!

      • You’re the best Pat. Thank you!!

    • Man, you’re kicking my butt this week! Nice work, Erica!

  16. 18:31, 44 lbs, red band

    I don’t know where my workout notebook went. I put it away somewhere so it would stop staring at me and making me feel guilty.

    • It’s good to have you back, Allison — Get a brand new book and turn over a new leaf! : )

  17. 11:26 88# Power Cleans, blue band.
    Felt slow but ~1 minute faster than last month and then I only used 77#.

    My knee still hates squat anythings but ended the day with 42 45# squats for therapy.

    • Nice, Meeks!

  18. My legs are so sore…i am glad tomorrow is a rest day. Last time I did Elizabeth I used 65#. I decided to use 82# for the wod. But Damon and Laura encouraged me to just try and do the 95# just to see how it felt. I totally was able to squat clean that weight! It really surprised me actually. Maybe sometime soon I can do Elizabeth Rx!

    82#, unassisted ring dips, 22:57

    Still kinda slow on the squats and ring dips were 3 at a time. I am glad I did heavier weight though. Note: taking a breath before the squat cleans and holding it until full extension seemed to really help me feel more stable, not collapse under the weight.

    • Nice job, Amarinthia! That’s pretty interesting that you could do the 95 lbs — I think I often psych myself out and do less weight than I’m really capable of. So much of this is a head game. Good tip about holding your breath. That has helped me in the past but I forget to do it.

  19. 71 lbs, red band. 17:16

  20. 82 lbs
    unassisted ring dips

    everything was pretty much one at a time, but this is my first wod with unassisted ring dips so i’m happy. dare i say rx next time?

    • of course you dare! fortune favors the bold
      nice work T

      • thanks alot, michael! where ya been?

        • oh, you know, here-n-there 😉 actually just crazy busy at work so all of my workouts are (sniffle) alone at home at the end of the day…or sometimes squeezed into a lunch break (sure glad i bought that oly bar and kb though) 😦 def could’ve used some group support this last cycle for sure…will be in a few times around turkey-day though, so watch out 🙂

  21. 48 lbs

    Time: 14:36

    • Oh, and red band on the dips.

  22. did this one one day late. 15:24. RX. PR. used belt and no ball. last time was 19:02

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