Monday, November 9, 2009

Run 5 K

Post time to comments.

Compare to 091009.


Mark’s Daily Apple has a “Grain Relapse” to reiterate that there is absolutely no reason to eat grains. In this article he addresses the arguments,

“You need the fiber!”
“You need the vitamins and minerals!”
“But it forms the foundation of the governmental food pyramid!”

Everyone really should read this, print this out and put it up in their kitchens… :mrgreen:

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  1. Would you guys be really upset if I did the Filthy fifty at 8 am Monday? I’ll get there as soon as I can drop off the kids…but its usually close to 8 by the time I get there.

  2. That’s fine Poole. For your sake, I would try to find a buddy to do it with though…As long as yall are done by 9am 😉

    • OK, any takers????

  3. Damon, I’m going to run my home route so I won’t be in this morning. Make sure that Mike and Miguel make up the Filthy Fifty and tell them I will be thinking of them. 😉

    • When are you running, Pat? If not until after 5 p.m., I’d love to run with you. 404.345.7496

      • I already did it. Wish I had seen this and waited to run with you. See my sad story below. Hope yours goes better than mine did.

  4. My Power Hour crew was MIA this morning and I couldn’t face the Filthy Fifty on my own. Hoping Miguel and Erica will make it up with me on Wednesday. Did the 5k instead:

    25:04 (36 seconds over my PR)

    It was a beautiful cool morning and I felt good. Seemed like I should have hit my PR but it didn’t happen.

    • Your fast!

      • I meant to say “You’re fast!”

    • He IS fast! I’m scared to run in the dark. I would trip over a tree root or get eaten by a lion. (Are there lions in Candler Park?)

  5. Anyone up for Filthy Fifty at 4pm? I think I’ll be there then.

    • I will be there very shortly after 4 to do it with you!

  6. Shoulder Press: 5-5-5-5-5

    132, 142, 154, 164, 169x1F

    Started out lighter and built up which seemed to help.

    • Should be Push Press instead of Shoulder Press

  7. 5K home route, 38:10 (2:53 slower than a month ago).
    It was awful. Legs felt like tree stumps, had to stop once for the bathroom (I stopped the watch), and I fell down on the sidewalk running through downtown Decatur. 😦 Walked a couple of times…felt like I had never run before in my life. Big PR yesterday, big smackdown today. That’s CrossFit.

    • The 5k smackdown!! I’ve been there many times. Let’s run together next time.

      • Well, Pat, I had a pretty good experience with the run today, if running can ever be good. I felt like I was going fast. I didn’t fall down. I even got into a little groove for a while. And still, my time didn’t improve much.

        35:44, which is about 3 minutes faster than my last time and 30 seconds slower than my best time. Run, run-walk, feel OK, feel miserable, my time stays about the same.

        • Good for you for doing it. And that time sounds pretty good to me after my day. Maybe next time we can do it together.

          • We should try it. Maybe it will suck less with a friend along. 🙂

        • You’re right Terri, I think for most of us, things like a 5k will hover around the same time, regardless of how we feel. There have been times when I felt awesome, but finished minutes and minutes over my PR. There were times I felt awful, and finished minutes and minutes over my PR. It’s really not too important how our big goat workouts go, as long as we continue to do them, and to try our best each time. Sometimes it’s not about constant PR’s, but it’s about maintaining your performance on the things that are the most challenging.

          • Thanks, Laura! This is extremely good to know. (I always think it’s just me.)

  8. Filthy Fifty
    12 lb wall ball
    200 singles


    It felt horrible….all my muscles feel tired (not sure why, I took two days off…maybe that’s why) but was glad to be under 30 min.

    Learning the du is a big priority now.

    • Congrats on breaking 30 minutes!

    • im jealous of the under 30 mark. and du’s are killer, especially at the end of a workout.

  9. I like Teresa’s face in this pic! Very determined!

    I am glad this is a running wod…We have been hosting this 2 day conference for work so I am trying to do some of the hotel wods. Miss everyone…can’t wait till my work schedule slows down and I can get back into the gym!

  10. Tried a new route; still too many hills to be a keeper.


    • how do i upload a cool picture to the right of my posts like you n tpoole. my angry little pentagon doesnt really do it for me.

      • join wordpress

  11. No 5K for me…but yall knew that 😉
    Decided to take a stab at my modified Filthy 50. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, didn’t want to run so I said what the hell!?!

    5 Rounds For Time:
    10 Box Hops
    10 Jumping PU
    10 KT Swings
    10 Lunges
    10 KTE
    10 Push Press
    10 Back Extensions
    10 WB Shots
    10 Burpees
    10 Double Unders


    Sucked!!! But it always does. Lunges and Burpees were horrible, everything else was close to unbroken…the transitions killed my time. Really needed some encouragement to do the 5th rnd. Didn’t get it, but got through it either way.

  12. I’m actually going to do this one.

    • Yay! I am willing to do any wod with you at 8 am on Wed – LOL!

  13. No running for me today. I ran (slowly) my first half-marathon yesterday in 2:45:14. Today (looking for arm work) I did 10 rds + 6 of pull up ladder with black band.

    • Congrats on the half! That’s a looong way.

    • Damn, Joy. That’s GREAT. Such a long way to run.

    • Great job Joy!!!

  14. congrats, joy!

  15. what a great night for a run! home route. 23:43. hope map my run is accurate on distance. seems kinda fast for my likes, but i cant remember the last 5k i ran. start corner of esten/wylie, left @ estoria, left at kirkland, left at esten, stop at corner of esten/wylie and ran the reverse. says 2.43K but I missed the turn on the way back to estoria that made up for it. going to miss tomorrow. The soccer team needs a win and I want all…well most of my cylinders running, and im still hurting from the filthy 50.

  16. Ran 5.5 miles – 43:30

  17. 23:51 PR by 2 minutes! Happy about that:) Did this run 11/11/09 on treadmill.

  18. […] Compare to 091109. […]

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