Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

Compare to 091013.


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  1. Don’t ask me; I have no idea why this is up again so soon.

    • just thinkin’ that..

  2. Again?????????? I’m doing the OHS/Snatch wod from Monday. I haven’t been in since Saturday, so I need something physical to get me going again!

  3. 12-9-6 (at 65% of max)
    Backsquat: 132#
    Shoulder Press: 60#
    Deadlift: 154# (not quite 65%)


    This was a good alternative to doing Total again so soon. Liked it a lot.

  4. Laura,
    Hell of a workout this morning but I left my favorite running hat behind (black northface). Thanks for holding onto it for me. Be back later this week to grab it.


  5. 12-9-6
    65% max

    Backsquat 68 lbs
    Press 43 lbs
    Deadlift 106 lbs


    I feel a little bit redeemed from last night. Thanks for the alternative.

  6. Miss y’all! Hope to get clearance from Dr. Sadri tonight and see y’all tomorrow…

    • See if you can get him to slide in a clearance for me as well. (Kidding. I’m back on restriction.)

  7. That Snatch/OHS workout is NO JOKE! My fingers are STILL tingling, and I did the wod at 6:30AM. I lost sensation in my arms after the third round, and my squats weren’t going the depth I’d prefer them to go.

    As RX- 15:17

  8. I’m hoping to make it in tomorrow. I’ve been sick and have been taking it easy. I hope i can still do a pull-up 😦

  9. wasn’t in the mood to work out this morning….plus we just did crossfit total so i used today as skillbuilding. i did a little bit of everything including a few rowing muscle ups. the false grip is feeling less awkward; now just need to work on strength.

  10. I wasn’t feeling at all like working out (too much wine last night). After a little nudging from Mac I did the Laura’s alt. It was good. Need to work on not rounding my back on the deadlifts.

    12-9-6 @ 65%
    BS: 88 (should have gone heavier)
    SP: 55
    DL: 154


    I’ll be out traveling for the next week. See you all next Thursday!

  11. I will come every day if I can do Total every day.


    Total: 263 (PR)

  12. First workout since last Thursday and CFT didn’t really appeal to me.

    20 Minute AMRAP:
    05 Box Hops (36″)
    03 Muscle Ups
    01 Body Wt Power Clean (225#)

    6 Rounds+ 3 hops

  13. I echo the sentiments above..not in the mood and disn’t have time to do Total. I am glad to finally have gotten into the gym this week.

    3 rounds of
    21 box jumps 20″
    21 Kettlebell 35#
    12 pull ups


  14. Sting, you were right! Kelly got 15 rounds…then said he shoulda used a heavier weight and a higher box!!

    Officially a BEAST!!

  15. Overhead Squats 3-3-3-3-3

    120, 132, 142, 154, 164, 176×2, 176×2, 176 (listing this but didn’t get enough depth)

    Previous PR was 169 so close but not quite. I’m still amazed by this movement because it incorporates so many things. I felt more confident with the movement though and actually had fun doing it.

    • dang…Nice lifts La Mar! now i wish i’d stuck around to watch you and kelly kick all that…OHS’s and Damon’s amrap both sound like fun alternatives to Crossfit Turtle

  16. Ran my trap too long and didn’t have time to do anything else so I shot for:

    3 rounds
    21 box jumps (24 in)
    21 kettle bell (35#)
    12 pull ups


    I should have used a 55# for a greater challenge.

  17. BS – 286
    SP – 159
    DL – 352
    Total – 797

  18. Not feeling it lately.

    BS – 257 (-3)
    SP – 112 (-8)
    DL – 315 felt heavy, so I gave up. (-39)

  19. […] Compare to 091104. […]

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