Monday, November 2, 2009

Five rounds for time of:
95 pound Snatch, 3 reps
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps
Run 400 meters

Compare to 060720.


The other day Jack came in and wanted to do “Nate.” But, he had never done a muscle-up or handstand push-up before. So, he tried a muscle-up…and got it! Next, he tried a handstand push-up…and got it! Then, he went and got over 6 rounds of “Nate!” Congrats on your accomplishments, Jack!

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  1. Go Jack!!!

    • That’s pretty awesome! Great Job!

      • Awesome, Jack — way to go!

  2. That’s amazing, Jack! Awesome work!!

  3. Great job on that Jack, I think your pic has spilled something into the water this morning…

    Because two more BIG Congrats are due to Mike and Erica, aka “The Non-Believers” for getting their muscle ups a litle while ago too!

    *BTW, that looked way too easy Erica!

    • Yeah, it was a great morning at the gym. First Mike with the muscleup then Erica. Very cool.

      And congrats to Jack…that’s amazing. Wow.

    • WOW! Yay Mike and Erica! Are you believers now?

      • I think so…if tomorrow goes as well then I definitely will be! Damon scared me with his story about how long it took him to get his second MU!

    • first of all, big thanks to Damon and Laura for the coaching on Friday for those muscle-ups and hspus. who knew?

      i am running out of first times and excuses for dogging it in crossfit… going to have to start chasing Mike and Erica, and posting better times. so glad you both did the muscle-ups this morning! those feel very good dont they?

      still sore from a 5K with a stroller on saturday, so this morning worked through the 25-50-75 squats, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups – 40:01

      need to get way faster on my sit-ups, pull-ups and push-ups. i think those gymnastics grips actually helped my hands.

      • it did feel good! I’ve been thinking about it all day – very excited to get back in and do some more. thanks for the inspiration!

      • Next time, get IN the stroller!

    • Thanks, Damon!

  4. Thanks Damon! It actually felt pretty easy! That was so cool. Thanks, Mike for paving the way!

    I did today’s workout @ 55#. I forgot to write down my time – 15:35 ish?

    • 15:37 was actual time

  5. 25:35, Rx

    • Rx!!! That’s cool.

      • Thanks. I love it when I can say I did it Rx. 🙂

  6. nice work, jack. so impressive…

    i can’t believe i missed erica’s muscle up! i am so bummed, but happy i got to see mike’s!

    very inspiring to see what hard work in the gym leads to!

  7. Whohoo! Attaining the muscle up is such a nice accomplishment! It feels good to finally get it right! Congrats everyone 🙂

  8. Yay to Mike and Erica!!!

  9. Excellent job everyone! Great inspiration for the rest of us!

    I did the runs this AM
    3:14, 3:16, 3:18, 3:20

    About 6 secs faster than last time I was surprised as I have not been running as much as this summer but its also cooler now.

    I’ll be in tomorrow afternoon to do today’s workout…

    • wow, those are some great times!

      • Thanks, now I want a muscle up too 🙂 LOL!!

  10. Still feeling less than 100%.
    Another solo workout.

    As Rx’d
    All sets unbroken

    Only a few seconds over my “Nancy” time, so I guess I didn’t do too badly. Runs were awfully slow.

  11. 44# snatches and my good friend Mr.PVC Pipe for OHS. 20:15

  12. Congratulations on your first MUs!

    3 Snatches (95#)
    15 Overhead Squats (95#)
    500m row (400 m run)

    Rx – 20:58

    Following the Sadri plan so taking a break from ballistic movements. First round was unbroken. I can definitely improve this time. I picked up on a mental block during the OHS…remember to keep going next time to break through. The rowing machine made things a little more taxing.

  13. Had a work meeting tonight and my leg is still jacked up. Need to do something though…may try to come in tomorrow and make something up that doesn’t involve running.

    • Oh no! What happened to your leg? Has it gone crooked because Laura straightened out your hip? 😉

      • haha…maybe thats it! no, i am not sure what is wrong. A few days after a double under wod (months ago) my right knee started hurting when i bent like stairs or putting weight on it was a sharp pain. Then it went away after a few days. But during the 4 sets of 400m run wod, it started acting up again..doing the same thing. Not it is feeling better. Not sure what the deal is.

  14. subbed 50 DU’s for the 400m runs
    55lb snatches


  15. Did this on 11/3.

    15:40 Rx All sets unbroken. The runs were pretty slow though.

    • correction. all overhead squats sets were unbroken; I believe I paused between rep 2 and 3 of the last two rounds of snatches

  16. 1 day late. well rested. RX 16:05. broken sets of squats the last 3

  17. Did the snatches and overhead squats unbroken but with only the bar (44 lbs). For me, these are some of the most difficult movements we do and I have a really hard time with my form on them. Need to practice…


  18. Time: 17:56

    Worked with just the junior bar, which allowed me to do the lifts unbroken. That was cool, and made the workout go fast, but next time I should increase the weight.

  19. 18 and some change. I really need to work on these since they don’t come up that often. I am always slow and shaky in the knees when I first start. lol

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