Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 090510.


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  1. Made up Nate.

    6 pullups (blue+tiny)
    6 ring dips (blue)
    4 HSPU
    8 KB swings, 55#

    6 rounds + 6 pullups + 5 dips.

    PR. On 8/26 I did 6 rounds even with just 44# on the KBS.

    • That shoulds say 4 pike pushups – not hspu.

    • nice PR, pat! enjoy the rest of your vacation.

      • Thanks!

        • Are you and Melvin still at the beach?

          • Returned from the beach but gone again. I’m on vacation all this week.

  2. Backsquat 3-3-3-3-3


    I have never done this one before so I wasn’t sure where to start. I think I can go higher next time.

  3. 5/10/09




    my one rep max was 137, which i did on 10/13 for crossfit total so this gives me confidence to top that the next time singles or sets of 3 or 5 come around. i feel like i botched the strategy on this one, and my head got in the way after the failing started. would have liked to have ended on a success, but tomorrow is a new day.

    • That’s a big improvement over May!

      • Strong!!

        • Thats enouraging, in May, you were about where I am now so I can def get better!

  4. 131-143-154×4

    Thanks to Nanci that I was even able to figure out where to start today. She remembered my lifts last time we did this workout. So, I actually found my old workout and last time I could only get 4 squats with 154#. I felt extremely stiff today so I am not sure how I lifted a little more. Go Hwang!!!…I would love to do my crossfit total for backsquat from June of 176. Maybe I will make that my new goal. : )

    • you rock, kristi! watching you BS 160 was awesome. you make it look easy.

      • oops, kristy.

  5. 176 x5
    stopped at 181 x3

  6. 99-104-109-114×1-114×2

    Kristi don’t ask me how I remember your weights. I can’t remember my own. Must be in awe of you!

    • Everyone is! She’s a CrossFit superhero.

  7. Actually felt good today – usually, I hate back squats 😉

    220 PR
    230 PR

    +12 from May

  8. 55 65 77 87 99 yay! I did back squats today!!! Big accomplishment for me 🙂

    • whohoo Jane!

    • And a handstand!!!!!

  9. 87-99-105-110pr-115×3

    Last time I reached 105, so I am happy with this improvement. Got some more ideas about how to correct my right side butt-shimmy on my squats. haha. When I did an air squat and tried the correction, Laura said I was much better, but to me I felt completely lopsided and leaning to the left. So weird. Probably need to practice more aligned squats during warm up.

    Fun sharing a bar with Trish!

  10. FUN day at the gym today, which I needed. 🙂 55-60-65-70-75pr

  11. Hi Folks,
    So, I felt good (and sore) today after my crossfit re-entry workout yeasterday. I was looking forward to the back squats, but having only slept 2 or 3 hours last night, I felt pretty zombie-ish by 5:40 after a full day of teaching. I am going to bed within the half-hour in order to get in a workout tomorrow morning and a training ride tomorrow night.

    A question for all of you: When I am really sore after a workout I feel as if there is a low, feverish heat right under the surface of my skin -not even strictly were the soreness is, but often over a lot of the body. I particularly feel it in my face, so I tend to wonder if I am getting a fever before I remember that I feel this every time. Does anyone else experience that? I am not particularly concerned about it, I would guess maybe it is the mitochondrial powerhouses kicking in to repair the post-workout muscle damage, but I really have no idea. Am I nuts, or has anyone else experienced this?

    • Well, you’re nuts, but others may have experienced it. Heh-heh.

      • ;=P

        • No, you’re not nuts. It’s normal. I’ll explain it to you sometime, Ruth!

  12. 132
    154 PR
    164 x 4
    164 x 3

    Still have a long way to go on these, but this is an improvement over my PR of 142 in May.

  13. 220, 230, 244, 254, 260×2

    Tried high bar today to keep my chest open. Weight felt heavy from the start for some reason.

  14. Rooth,
    You’re not nuts, and you are on the right track. When muscles are working they require lots of oxygen which causes increased blood flow to the working parts and that increases core temp and temp to the specific working areas. The same is true for repairing muscles, just on a smaller scale. When you have an injury, the body sends extra blood to the area to help repair it (swelling, bruising, and inflammation). So, after workouts its natural for the skin of the working parts to remain warm well after the workout is done. I’m not sure that days after would be normal, but hours and maybe the day after makes sense to me. However, having the heat be exclusive to your face doesn’t sound quite right to me…I’m sure you’ll be fine though:)

    BTW, I’m typing on my phone, I hope this made sense…

    • Thanks D. I figured it was something along those lines. It is a very distinct, funny feeling, so kind of interesting…

  15. Had fun doing my first handstands today. Well, there was the time I crumpled and landed on my head but other than messing up my time and needing to regroup, I was fine.
    Alt WOD Amrap in 20 min
    6 pull ups (black)
    6 dips (blue)
    4 mod hspu
    handstand 10 sec hold
    8 kettle 35lb
    completed 7 rounds + 6 pull ups, 6 dips

    • You are a badass.

    • Yay Joy! We both got handstands today…

  16. did this on 10/30, first time doing this WOD (strangely enough)

    240lbs (then started to get really tough and needed a towel for my neck)
    245lbs x4 – failed on #5

    All in all, felt good on these.

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