Sunday, October 25, 2009


Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

Post time to comments.

Compare to 090522.


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  1. 32:10

    PR of 5:48 from Sept. 12, when I did Michael as an alternate workout. Goal for next time: under 30 minutes and less whining.

    • Yay Terrri!

      • Thanks La Mar!! 🙂

        • You’re getting fast, kid!

  2. I’m extremely happy that tomorrow is a rest day because my back is screaming after yesterday and today.

    GHD Sit-ups


    No improvement in time but I’m happy with the effort.

    • Worked on maintaining long strides during runs as fatigue and tightness set in.

  3. Frustrating day.

    Strained my right sartorius during “Tommy V” a few days ago, but it didn’t get in the way too much for the deadlifts. PR’d for both my 3RM and 1RM on the deads, but it left my back and hamstrings trashed. This morning my right leg was pretty tight and uncomfortable, but again, that doesn’t usually stop me from working out.

    The first run went great – 3:15; the back extensions were unbroken…but the GHD sit-ups were so painful in my back and legs I almost quit immediately. I pushed through 2 rounds, but chose to not finish the workout because it hurt too much. Very disappointed. I will try and make up “Michael” sometime in the next week or two.

    • Googled “sartorius” because I had no idea what it was. It’s the longest muscle in the human body! Makes a good first name, too: Sartorius Jones.

    • I thought the sartorius was extinct? Along with most all prehistoric species

  4. 33:11

  5. First time doing GHDs with Michael. Took 4.5 minutes longer than doing this workout with abmat in May.

    GHDs to parallel — need to go deeper next time.

  6. michael:

    on a boat (1000m row), abmat situps

    on a boat, GHD’s

    first time doing this workout with ghd’s. subbed row because of persistent foot pain. i don’t really have anything to compare this to….i am getting tired of rowing and really hope to be able to run soon 😦

  7. 29:09 ugh! Met Mr. Pukie today. Note to self- try Michael in the morning before eating next time!

  8. This took me forever…I believe my time was 36:16. Definitely 36 minutes and change. Too much sitting and huffing and puffing during the GHDs!

  9. Did this one on 10/26. Forgot my time. Did anchored sit-ups.

  10. […] Compare to 091025. […]

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