Monday, October 19, 2009

Weighted pull-ups 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads and body weight to comments.

Compare to 090830.


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  1. In case you were wondering about Martha’s bike ride…You may have noticed that yesterday was kind of chilly and even a little rainy–not the best day for a 100 mile bike ride. I was doing okay with the cold, but then the rain started and at the split between the 60 mile loop and the 100 mile loop, I took the 60. Good news is that the event raised $130,000 for YSC Atlanta! And this is the first annual ride, so I’m sure next year will be even better. Maybe the weather will, too.

    • Martha is a smart woman. 100 miles in 40 degree weather = brrrrr/ugh. 100 miles in 40 degree weather with RAIN=major yuck and misery.


      • Great job!!!

    • 60 miles = A LOT OF MILES. Good job!!!

    • that’s great, martha! way to brave that nasty weather!

  2. 100 pull-ups. red band. 17:28

    • Nice time, Nanci!

  3. Alternate version of Tyler
    21 Pullups (r1-2 black; r3-5 green)
    21 dips (blue)
    21 SDHP 65#


  4. Weighted pullups

    20-30-40-50-60-70 Total = 70+130 = 200

    My chin was AT the bar on 70#, not over. Damon gave it to me, but next time I’ll get over the bar.

    • oops, i left out a 65 in there…it was


  5. 45 – 50 – 60 – 65 – 70 – 75 – 80 PR
    Total = 80 + 145 (body weight) = 225

    Thanks to Miguel and Erica for encouragement and inspiration, and help getting into and out of the vest!

    • fun doing this with you and Miguel. Where did Miguel end up? I know he won’t post it.

  6. Kids are sick today…wanna try this once my back gets better 😉

    • Dr. Sadri fixed me up today but he says no heavy lifting for a week or so…but then I should be back on track!

      • That’s great news.

  7. Hey Folks,
    We are going to install the CFRX sign today at 6p.m. If you are around we could probably use the help. :=)

  8. Interesting. Today, I am the exact same body weight as last time – EXACTLY – so I am able to compare apples to apples when it comes to weight over the bar.

    BW of 160 (w/ clothes = 162.5)

    44-55-65-75-80 PR-85 PR

    162.5 + 85 = 247.5 (+6.5 pounds)

    – only did 6 rounds because elbows were on fire
    – last three rounds were mixed grip
    – final pull-up was high enough (says my spotter), but not as close to the bar as I should be

  9. Damon – Sorry i missed this morning… Got some advice from Monday morning travelers —airport is crazy busy on Monday morn. Thank goodness I listened. Was in frequent flyer security line for 45 mins!!!! Can’t wait to tackle this one on rest day.

    • FYI, Lots of sad Chicago fans at the airport.

      • that’s funny…

  10. 20-30-40-45-50f-50f
    130 + 45 = 175

  11. 24-31-38pr-43pr-47pr-50f-50f

    Came sooo close to getting that 50 on the last try. Just couldn’t quite get my chin all the way over the bar. Last time I got to 35 so I am happy with my improvement. Although, I still wish I weighed a little more. I think the scale must be broken-haha jk.


  12. Well, unfortunately for me we really don’t have enough vest weight for me to push for a PR, so I used a few solid weights to do some rounds of max rep pulls.


    Bodyweight 232#

  13. 40-50-60-68.6-75F-75F-70 + 145 = 215

    I need to gain some weight!

  14. 100 pullups w/ black band

  15. […] to October 19, 2009 – +85 pounds (bw 162.5 + 85 = 247.5) Compare to August 30, 2009 – +78.5 pounds (bw […]

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