Friday, October 16, 2009

For time:
21 Hip-Back Extensions
Run 400 meters
18 Hip-Back Extensions
Run 400 meters
15 Hip-Back Extensions
Run 400 meters
12 Hip-Back Extensions
Run 400 meters
9 Hip-Back Extensions
Run 400 meters
6 Hip-Back Extensions
Run 400 meters
3 Hip-Back Extensions
Run 400 meters

Post time to comments.

Compare to 090227.


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  1. Beautiful pic, Sting!

    • ditto that.

      • Yep, how can you look so nice during a wod? lol!

    • you look great amarinthia!

      • New nickname for Sting: Strong

        • haha…what a funny face I am making…gasping for breath I think! Such nice comments from my crossfit friends! 😉

  2. Yay! I can do this! I’ll be there at 8 am.

    • I love running wods – lol!


  3. It was nice and cool and dry this morning for the runs! 22:28

  4. I was impressed to see some of you early risers on the 400 runs this morning! Since there is so much running today, I am opting to go on a long one instead of the WOD, because it’s actually not raining (!) and the dog really needs some action. Hope my knees hold out. See you Sunday!

  5. 25:32;
    half hip-back ext and half back ext

    First time doing hip-back extensions even though I’ve watched the videos many times. These really got to me; harder than they look (for me) and they made me nauseated. So I decided to just do half as prescribed and do the other half as plain ole back extenstions. I think that’s fine for the first time.

  6. Ow.

    Back was cramping and on fire the entire WOD. Total mental workout to keep going (and to try and go hard) when your low back is locked up. Those hip-back extensions are just as evil as I remembered.

    16:39 PR (a little over a minute faster than back in Feb)

  7. Sorry – I have been a little ill the last few days. Hope to see you all this weekend though.

  8. alt workout: (didn’t want my first running workout back to involve 7 400m runs)

    3 rds
    500m row
    50 squats
    30 hip/back extensions

    i really underestimated how tough this one would be on my legs after yesterday’s workout. felt them in the squats right away.

    • How’s your foot feeling?

      • it is better, but not quite 100%. this is the perfect time of year to run outside so i wish it would just get better already. thanks for asking!

        how’s YOUR foot? have you stopped fire walking?

        • Ha! It is fine. It healed very quickly, but my flip flops were (literally) toast! Thanks… See you this weekend.

  9. 23.00

  10. 24:23. Only 10 seconds slower than February, when I did back extensions instead of hip-back. This time I did all hip-back. Need to remember to keep my legs straight.

    • Correction: In February, I did hip extensions (not back extensions). Learned today that for the past year I’ve had my terms wrong. Doh!

  11. First time doing hip-back extensions. They made the runs much harder. Felt like my upper body was disconnected from my legs.


    • Yes! I felt the same way Mike…also felt super aware of the muscles it takes to keep your body upright during the running after all those hip-back ext.

  12. First time doing hip-back extensions. My back was already burning after first round.

  13. 22:44

  14. Time: 23:28

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