Tuesday, October 13, 2009

“CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

Compare to 090907.


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  1. I will be there. In the morning. For real this time. I ❤ Crossfit Total. Going to bed now.

  2. Why is it that CF Total comes up when I cannot come?!

    I just discovered CrossFit Center City (Philly) is down the street from my hotel… no excuse to not drop in!

    • You better!!

  3. BS: 198-208-220F
    SP: 88-95F-90
    DL: 231-253-255F
    Total: 551 PR

    No PR’s on individual lifts, but the total is a new PR.

    • impressive numbers pat!

      • That is awesome Pat!

        • holy crap, Pat!!

    • I just double-checked my records, and the 208 backsquat is a PR. Previous PR was 203 on last month’s CF Total.

  4. 6/29/09 (missed the one on 9/7/09)

    bs: 109-114-119
    sp: 65-70-75
    dl: 132-165-170f total: 359


    bs: 132-137pr-142f
    sp: 75-80pr-88f
    dl: 164-181pr-186f total: 398pr

    happy to have found a little strength today to get some prs, even if my deadlifts are ugly! am excited to break 400 the next time this comes up.

    • Amazing!

  5. BS: 260 PR (+5)
    SP: 112 (-3 from PR; match usual CFT)
    DL: 330 (-10 from PR; +20 from last CFT)

    TOTAL = 702 PR (+15)

    Totally shocked I could PR on the back squat considering how ridiculously sore I am from Fran and Elizabeth.

    • You broke 700! That’s awesome.

    • Since I make no sense, I have discovered I only PR consistently when cold. Therefore, I did not warm up before I did CFT today.

      This strategy only seemed to work for my first lift. So, this afternoon when I came into work, I decided to try for a 345 deadlift. Since I was cold, it went up.

      new deadlift: 345 PR

      Damon convinced me to try the shoulder press as well. So, I tried my old PR, 115. It went up easy. Tried 117 – PR. Tried 120 – PR. Failed on 122, but it did go up part of the way, so I think if I was fresh I could get it.

      new shoulder press: 120 PR

      Again, I do not recommend this for ANYONE. I have found that it works for me, but it goes against what I know as a coach and a trainer.

      If I count these afternoon lifts as part of my CFT (which is bending the rules)…

      BS: 260
      SP: 120
      DL: 345

      TOTAL = 725

      • I thought it was funny when Isabella commented on your yelling when you got the Press PR 🙂

  6. Somehow I was able to PR even after the ridiculously long break I took.

    BS: 92 (=previous PR)
    SP: 49 (PR!)
    DL: 121 (not my best)

    Total: 262 (PR!)

  7. Very good day. Actually came to gym nervous because
    I wanted to do well.

    BS = 279 (PR by 10)
    SP = 156 (PR by 2)
    DL = 396 (PR by 12). ( Laura I found a better day)

    Total = 831 (PR by 36)

    • Congrats on the DL PR…I think you’re stronger than you think ; )

      • You looked great!

      • Thanks – I started to get over my fear of dropping fast
        on the BS. Also I know I can do more on DL, but had been at gym
        for almost 2 hours. Looking forward to when these come up again.

        Zeke is right on my tail

        • I’m coming for ya Bryan!!

  8. Had a great total. Matched my BS from last total, 286. Made sure to go parallel as I noted. Then made 135 for sP. The real effort came on DL where I lifted 398. Thats an 18lb PR.

    Total= 816 (58 lb PR)

    • Very nice!

      • Great total – I new I needed some higher numbers to stay ahead of you. I feel you breathing down my neck.

  9. Did BS and SP this morning and ran out of time. Came back tonight for DL.

    BS – 132 (I could have and should have done more 🙂
    SP – 88 PR
    DL – 219 (PR by 22!)

    total = 439 My first CF total – it was fun

    • Go Erica!

  10. BS: 308, 330, 352 x2F
    SP: 154, 159 x2F
    DL: 401, 416, 433 (+3PR), 443 x2F, 440 F
    Total: 917 (-26PR)

    Folded during squats so I still need to work on keeping chest up. I may have started off a little too heavy with SPs…my shoulders were definitely shot after Fran and Elizabeth. I’m not sure that I was locked in during each movement like I should have been. A lot of room to grow.

    • Great work LaMar. Your focus during your lifts is inspiring.

  11. Well, looking at all of these, I feel weak but I was totally excited about my lifts : ) My goal was to get over 300.

    BS 104 PR (previous 86)
    Press 65 PR (previous 59)
    DL 163 PR (previous 154)

    Total = 332 YAY! I did this two months ago…total = 289.

  12. BS: 121-126f-123 (previous was 130)
    Press: 55-60-65f (previous was the same at 60)
    DL: 165-175pr-185pr-190pr-200!pr
    Total: 383

    My BS felt all wrong-not enough depth, bar felt in the wrong place on my back. Laura explained that on Press my elbows were too far out…I think next time I can get that 65 with some changes to form.

    I am super pumped about my DL pr! I have always thought it would be cool to reach into the 200’s with my DL but I really can’t believe it actually happened! I felt pretty strong on the DL and thanks to some prodding, I just kept increasing the weight and to my surprise I could actually lift it! Yay 🙂

    • YAY!!

  13. BS=124 PR
    SP=75 PR
    DL=175 PR

    total=374 PR

  14. bs-103,117.5,132

    can’t figure out why I can’t lift more on the sp for my body weight. Either all my strength typically comes from my core or I have some form problems. Could have lifted more on the DL and BS but getting a baseline.

  15. Didn’t have time to do deadlifts today:

    Back Squat: 164, 176 F, 169 F (pinched a nerve in my back)
    Shoulder Press: 110, 115 F, 113 PR
    Deadlifts: DNF

  16. BS: 99/109/121

    SP: 55/60/70

    DL: 187

  17. […] Compare to 091013. […]

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