Sunday, October 19, 2008

HQ Rest Day

Unfortunately, rips happen. Gloves or no gloves, tape or no tape. You will find this occurs most often during workouts that have a high number of pull-ups. As our hands get stronger, the skin gets used to the demands placed on it, developing callouses and becoming more resistant to rips. With proper hand maintenance, painful tears and blisters can be kept to a minimum. Trim or file callouses if they build up to prevent them from pinching up during pull-ups. Also, make sure to tape hot spots before attempting high-volume pull-up WODs.

If you do rip, trim away all the torn skin with sterile clippers. If you do not have a rip, but have developed a blood blister, pierce the skin with a sterile pin and drain the built-up fluids. Clean the area thoroughly. If the wound is deep (does it bleed or weep?), try and keep it moist with Neosporin and a band-aid for the first 36-48 hours; wrap athletic tape over the band-aid to keep it on if necessary. Once healed enough to expose to air, try and keep the area moisturized so the skin does not dry out and begin to crack, which is most definitely uncomfortable. Yes, it will be tender, but yes, you should try and get on the bar again as soon as you can!

Here is a list of additional hand-care resources:

CrossFit Virtuosity’s four-part series on hand care:
……….Part 1 – Basic Hand Maintenance
……….Part 2 – The Best Defense is a Good Offense
……….Part 3 – How to Make Reusable Tape Grips
……….Part 4 – Ways to Increase Hand Strength

An easy to print visual guide for constructing reusable tape grips: [Tape Grip Diagram]

Neoprene hand grips – I don’t necessarily think this kind of thing is the solution, but some folks feel these help: [NewGrips]

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  1. I was trying to be a Good Little CrossFitter and read the articles. I made it through part one. In part two, I made it through “pack it (meaning an open wound) with chalk” and the misspelled bleach during the suggestion that it might be gross for other people to touch your bodily fluid at the gym (uh, yeah). However, when I got to oozing and seeping, I needed to be finished. I have not yet had enough coffee for that mental image.

    Guess I will have to try to be a Good Little CrossFitter another day.

  2. made up filthy fifty today.

    this time 63:47 with 25# kettlebell, 33# pushpress, 15” box, 14# wall ball, and 50 double unders.

    last time was 68:37 with 12# wall ball and 200 singles rather than the double unders.

    i @3&*^%! hate burpees.

  3. Hooray for PR’s! :mrgreen:

  4. On behalf of CrossFit Atlanta, I wanted to extend an invitation to our 2nd annual CrossFit Atlanta Halloween party this Saturday night the 25th at 8pm. It will be held at our new gym location on 1483 Chattahoochee Ave, 2 buildings to the right of Nuevo Laredo. The sign has not yet been changed so it is still called Potomac Garage Solutions. There is a fence to the left of the building where you will enter to park. Costumes required! BYOB

  5. Okay, since we’re on the subject of ripping…
    Can someone – maybe our CDC cupcake – explain to me why its okay that we share a metal bar with open (bloody) wounds on our hands?

    Thanks for the link to the “New Grips,” Laura. It makes up for the really nasty picture. I’m buying right now.

  6. GG, I’ve seen you rip a little, but I haven’t seen any blood…

  7. I’m not much of a blogger as y’all know, but I felt compelled to say that gloves do help – quite a lot actually. My hands still hurt pretty bad, but I don’t think I’ve ripped since I’ve been wearing them.

  8. …keep in mind, I said it usually takes high-volume pull-ups to rip up hands…that would mean at least 50 and closer to 100…we haven’t had one of those workouts come up in quite a while (Angie is a hand-ripper; 100 pull-ups in a row).

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  11. […] Hand care pre-Hero Week: see old post with link to CrossFit Virtuosity. Or check out this link forwarded by Sam. You want some callous to avoid tearing, but you need to tend to those callouses (shave with razor, […]

  12. […] blog about rips by CrossfitRX is awesome  has links to the four part series by Crossfit […]

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